Our Beans

We only serve beans at its peak freshness (never past 7 days). Working closely with Java Blend coffee roasters, we have come up with exclusive blends and roasts. With each introduction of new blends and roasts, we go through countless cupping sessions in our Tasting Room to ensure the quality. Each offering of our coffee has been carefully thought through and selected.

Sagrada Familia Espresso Blend
Our cafe will always strive for a perfect cup of cortado. Cortado is a Spanish favourite afternoon drink. Driven from the verb ‘cortar’ (to cut), the espresso is traditionally cut at an equal ratio with steamed milk. With this ratio, there stands no room for compromise in either of the ingredients. To ensure this perfect drink, we have come up with Sagrada Familia, our espresso blend.
Inspired by Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, and its merge of old and new, our Espresso blend was carefully blended and roasted to perfectly compliment its counterpart of steamed milk. The initial brightness to this blend livens the milk before reemerging as lasting caramel and cocoa notes in each of your espresso beverage. This blend has been designed to stand perfectly balanced on its own, and also to bloom with milk.

Park Guell (Fair Trade and Organic)
Park Guell, our medium roast, is a careful post-roast blend of Organic Colombian, Mexican, and Peruvian beans. The full city roast of Peruvian coffee is sweetly balanced by slight cocoa notes from lighter roasted Colombian coffee. This allows for a range of profiles inside one cup.

Malaga Blend (Fair Trade and Organic)
Malaga is a port city along Costa del Sol and has the most number of cafes per area in the world. Inspired by the beautiful sunny weather accompanied with unmistakable islamic architecture influences, we wanted to combine smooth Organic Aztec beans with a hint of Sumatran beans, adding earthy and herbal notes. The darker roast brings out a hint of smokiness.