Chemex Filters

Chemex Filters are 20%-30% heavier than average coffee filters and remove the finest sediments as well as oils and fats. This results in unparalleled clarity in the cup. This method brings out the brightness and allows you to experience the subtle and light flavours without the distraction of a heavy body.

Kone filter from Able Brewing yields a very unique cup of coffee. This is a relatively new brewing method that is being quickly and warmly welcomed into coffee lovers’ homes. This cone shaped metal filter uses hundreds of thousands of micro sized holes, created using a process of photo-etched steel, to form a precise filter pattern for uniform extraction. Similar to Chemex, it does a great job of preventing sediment to pass through, however, it allows the rich and aromatic oil to reach the cup. If you love the richness of the French Press, but are not a fan of the ‘chalkiness’, this may very well be the perfect method for you.

V60-02 Hario Pour Over

This beloved method of brewing requires some experimentation to fully enjoy the extraction control. Many coffee shops will simply pour hot water over a cone drip. However, there are countless ways to pour the hot filtered water into the cone to accent different extraction characteristics. There are still many schools of thought, but at Cortado Tasting Room, we will customize each cup based on your selection of beans, and your preference.

Belgian Royal Balancing Siphons

The balancing siphon is very similar to the Hario siphon. While the mechanics of extraction may be the same, the Barista does not have as complete of control over all parameters. However, this chemistry lab-like equipment yields great consistency. Oh, and just watching this thing work will captivate your attention.

Yama Cold Brew Tower

Yama cold brew tower is not just an impressive visual piece. Using gravity, the mechanical design yields a perfect Cold Brew solution. We set up the tower in the morning, and the last bit of cold brew drops around noon.

French Press

French Press is one of the most popular methods of brewing coffee. The ease of use, and the forgiveness of the method has long been loved and adopted by many homes. This method yields a full body with rich oil and sediments. We recommend darker roasts through the French Press to fully experience the mouth-feel.


Although the appearance is unimpressive, this may yield the most impressive cup of coffee. Using BPA free plastic, this simple device yields a cup of coffee in which you can experience even the subtlest flavours. At Cortado Tasting Room, we have paired the Aeropress with Able Brewing’s standard and fine metal disks to allow even more oil and aroma to pass through. Aeropress is one of the standard ways we taste and sample coffee to assess its quality.