Private Events

We are very excited to announce that we are starting private events at Cortado Tasting Room!


Get together with your friends, family members and co-workers and learn something new and exciting. Let us know what class you are interested in as a group and we will tailor the seminar to your needs. It is a great team building activity.

Some of the popular ones are:

Coffee Tasting (Cupping)

Learn the process of tasting, evaluating and scoring coffee. Learn what different processing methods mean and how it affects the taste of coffee. 

Espresso 101

Introduction to dialing-in a coffee, extraction theory and how to pull a perfectly balanced shot of espresso. Also learn some basics of milk steaming and latte art.


Ever wanted to roast your own coffee? This one is for you! Learn the science behind roasting coffee. Roast some yourself on our Stronghold S7 pro and take it home with you.

Manual Brew

The basics of dialing-in and brewing at home with V60, Chemex or a brewing method of your choosing.

If you are Interested in any other aspect of coffee, reach out to us and will see if we can make it happen.



Book our café for you private events, team gatherings and birthday parties. We can provide food and lots of coffee.

Pop-up Mobile Espresso Bar

Want to serve great coffee on your special occasion, or private parties, we got you covered! We will bring our setup to you and curate a menu to your guests liking.


Reach out to us at