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Cortado Tasting Room brings a brand new coffee culture to Halifax. Focused on core principles of coffee extraction, we take fundamentals seriously. We only use triple filtered water, freshly roasted coffee – never past 7 days, and precise brewing methods. Cortado Tasting Room carries the widest range of single brew methods in the region to brew the perfect cup for everyone.

The highlight of Cortado Tasting Room is the single-serve bar. From beans to cup, guests can experience the entire process of a perfect brew. At the single-serve bar, you can find hand brew equipment like the Chemex, Siphon, Aeropress and the French Press, among others. Work with our Baristas to find your favourite!

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50 Gary Martin Drive
Bedford, NS
B4B 0P9

Cortado Tasting Room


Whether you’re someone who loves a great cup at breakfast, or a gourmet tea drinker, we carry premium quality loose-leaf black, green, white, oolong, herbal, and rooibos teas. In addition, we offer high-grade matcha and yerba mate for your enjoyment.
All our teas are sourced through local botanist, herbalist, and Ayurvedic apprentice Mie Mie Sien, proprietress of Sawadee Tea House. Located in the heart of downtown Halifax, Sawadee Tea House carries over 350 varieties of the freshest and finest teas one can hope to find anywhere in the world. We look forward to sharing those teas with you.


Healthy, delicious, portable, and convenient, our simple smoothie recipes will help get you going. We only use healthy, organic ingredients in order to serve you a powerful pick-me-up in a cup.

Our Beans

We only serve beans at its peak freshness (never past 7 days). Working closely with Java Blend coffee roasters, we have come up with exclusive blends and roasts. With each introduction of new blends and roasts, we go through countless cupping sessions in our Tasting Room to ensure the quality. Each offering of our coffee has been carefully thought through and selected.

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We would like to thank the Parks of West Bedford for warmly welcoming us into the community. As we will meet countless neighbours, we want to give back in return. The tips at the counter will be pooled a few times a year to support charity and community projects.


Our current donation is made to “Believe in Hope”. This fund is made available by the family of Alexis Fletcher in memory of their daughter/sister who diagnosed with depression only a month before taking her own life on December 8, 2015 at the age of 17. In support of reaching youth who are experiencing serious mental illness and suicidal thoughts, family and friends of Alexis are raising money through various efforts to support this trust fund.

This fund is to be used for initiatives designed to increase awareness and education about mental illness in our adolescence population within the Halifax Regional School Board. To be used to promote early recognition of symptoms, teach the importance of early treatment to improve outcomes for mental illness, and to educate students on where to go for help, and how to access support and services.

At Cortado Tasting Room we want the enjoyment of coffee to be about investigation and discovery. We encourage you to experiment and examine each flavour, aroma, and body that comes to your palate. Our goal is to provide you a real experience in the sensation of taste – please enjoy!

Phone: 902-832-6420
Email: info@cortadotastingroom.com


Cortado Tasting Room
50 Gary Martin Drive
Bedford, NS
B4B 0P9

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